An actor is seen re-tracing the final movements of murder victim Stephen Moss through a rural landscape. The man’s journey is interrupted and displaced by a second film, gradually dissolving through the first. This second film is a cheap corporate video for a stress management company that operates in the same locale, and which is run by Stephen Moss's father. The father is implicated in the crime, and he walks a virtually identical route to his son. The two literally cross paths, whilst each remains trapped in his own filmic space.

'Point X' represents a father-son narrative that is loaded with classic components of suspense cinema: murder, mystery, policework and money.

Curator Adam Pugh selected 'Point X' as one of the Best Online Videos of 2009 for Sight & Sound. Made on a budget of £48 whilst the artist was a student at Chelsea College of Art, the work continues to be shown around the world.