Directed by Stuart Croft

Commissioned by Bloomberg.
Made at The Place.
© Stuart Croft 2011


Greig Cooke
Michela Meazza


Director: Stuart Croft
Line Producer: Lisa James
Choreographer: Ben Wright
Music: Mark Lo
Director of Photography: Jean-Louis Schuller
Production Designer: Miren Maranon
Costume Design: Sophie Howard
Editor: Stuart Croft

Assistant Director: Lisa James
Technical Manager, The Place: Graeme McGinty
Gaffer: Dave Nye
Key Grip: Nick Cupac
Jib Operator: Anthony Graham
Focus Puller: Benn Peacock
Clapper Loader: Carolyn Tomkinson
Still Photographer: Will Martin
Studio Technicians, The Place: Marco Cifre Quatresols, Joe Boxshall
Sync Sound / Playback: Charlie Weisfeld
Boom Operator: Leah Capaldi
Consulting Art Director: Gareth Cousins
Prosthetic: Lifecast Ltd
Make-up/Hair: Chamia Choudhury
Costume Assistant: Christy Juhnke
Art Department Key Assistant: Augusta Akerman
Art Department Assistants: Shebiha Boyraz, Anna MR Freeman, Gabrielle Le Bayon
Continuity Assistant: Joe Trinder
Production Assistants: Carys Brooks, James Christopherson, Zoe Duerden, Lee Hughes, Hannah Kaplan, Rebecca Richardson, Joe Rodnell, Susan Stadler

Camera and Lighting Equipment: Arri Media / Panalux / The Place Laboratory / Online / Mastering: Technicolor
Online Project Manager: Liz Clarke
Online Editor: Dom Thomson
Colourist: Max Horton

The following organisations further supported this project: Technicolor / Portland Green Cultural Projects / Nightingale Theatre

Thank you to: Sacha Craddock, Ellie Beedham, Eddie Nixon, Jemma Reed, Adrian Searle, Lois Stonock, Henry Coleman, Vanessa Desclaux, Lex Fenwick, Stephen Brett, Kate Gower, Matt Adams, Vicky Earle, Portland Green, Sean Bruno, Fiona Fletcher, Barnaby Laws, Emma Bennett, Cherri Arpino, Mark 'Dog' Sayfritz, Michael Plowman, Theo Green, Elizabeth Lo, Gerry Deeney, Neil Harle.