Detective Nancy Delport, working late in her Cape Town bureau, is investigating the murder of Hollywood actress Crystal Fallone, who has been shot dead in Cape Town whilst appearing in a remake of Jean-Luc Godard's 1963 film 'Contempt.'

On one screen, Delport is talking on the phone to Crystal’s father, Peter Kashlin, who is on a second screen. Kashlin, a burnt-out TV movie director, is apparently thousands of miles away on the Los Angeles set of his latest thriller, in which Crystal was due to star. Kashlin's movie set, in LA, appears to be an exact reproduction of Delport's detective office, in Cape Town.

Kashlin and Delport meander through dead-end arguments about potential suspects, stock fraud, insurance scams and the death of Hollywood. Kashlin appears to be unmoved by the death of his daughter, whom he hardly seems to have known.

'Century City' is a circular crime thriller, looping endlessly and seamlessly in the gallery space. The mystery at the centre of the film is never solved. Furthermore, the film proposes a spatial and logical impossibility. Critic Adrian Searle wrote of the installation in The Guardian: "What is real, what is illusion? Century City turns out to be a kind of spatial moebius strip, one place folding into another. The pleasure here is of Croft's continual creation and dismantling of illusion."